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The photography and feature articles of Ray Ruiz have been widely published -- in local publications, as well as in literary and travel journals around the world -- in the U.S., U.K., Australia, Germany, South Africa, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Scotland and Ireland. Some images have been cover photos.

Ray has studied art for the last several years at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts, concentrating in drawing and painting, as well as in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. He has had four one-man art shows. Many of his recent images on canvas and art paper will be presented on this site, as well as a collection of photographs - all for purchase.

 A New Orleanian of French and Spanish heritage, Ray studied at the University of New Orleans, and the Alliance Francaise on the Left Bank (la rive gauche) in Paris, where Cafe Flore and Cafe Deux Magots were his daily haunts. He graduated with a B.A. in Philosophy and English from Louisiana State University in 1970, and earned his M.S. degree in Psychology from Golden Gate University in San Francisco in 1987.

 During his 22-year San Francisco sojourn, he managed his own downtown Art Gallery called Rensley's, directed college recruiting and management hiring for AT&T in the 13 Western states, and ran a popular guest house in San Francisco's colorful Castro District.

 Since his return to New Orleans, Ray has, besides painting and taking photographs, been managing his popular La Dauphine, Residence des Artistes bed & breakfast. He enjoys living a laid-back, Bohemian lifestyle with Kim Pedersen, a research biologist, who has moved to New Orleans from Denmark to live with Ray.


Art is....

"...a good deal of art is play, still more of it is acting, some of it is experiment,

some of it role playing, some of it fantasy, some of it borrowing, some teasing,

some misleading, some candor, some blind searching,

some catharsis, some mistakes, some serendipity,

some in fact accurate transcriptions of the way things are.

It's a complex business whose symbols are arcane and whose meanings are often obscure or purposefully obscured."
Peter London, 1989.



View The PhotographsView The Paintings


La Dauphine bed and breakfast, French Quarter, New Orleans

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La Dauphine near the French Quarter.

Collage of New Orleans

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